Repair Service

In our modern workshops we test and repair electronic products, from the private and commercial sector:


Repair Service

  • LED- LCD- plasma TV
  • Telecomunication
  • Satellite-technique
  • Navigation computer
  • PC-Perigherals
  • Consumer electronics
  • HiFi, DVD, DVD recorder
  • White goodes and office equipment
  • Sports equipment, Bikes
  • Sewing machines

We manage this by means of flexible working times in customer service and in the areas of incoming and outgoing goods. If required, we work shifts for you from 6:00 to 22:00 hrs. and also on Saturdays and this ensure that your customers are satisfied.

So as to ensure an optimum flow of work and short throughput times, we have joint personnel planning in the areas of workshop, technology and incoming and outgoing goods.

Learning from mistakes – error analysis

Our specialised DP system keeps a record of every single repair and prepares comprehensive records, service histories and error statistics. As our costumer, we make the results available to you. On request you log into our system direct and directly retrieve information, even about individual devices.

Should a device a second time to be sent  us , registered our data processing system it automatically  and passes on the device to a particularly skilled technician who subjects it to a special examination.

Your advantage: repairs are not only cost items on your balance sheet, but also valuable feedback for your marketing department, your sales and your development department. Complete documentation offers you absolute transparency concerning service activities performed.