Call Centre

Call Centre

Returns to the trade cost your money and your reputation. Even unjustified claims are documented by the dealer and cause unnecessary shipping costs.

Our experience shows that, depending on the product, up to 70 % of complaints result from operating errors and can be remedied with a short telephone consultation. Only when all indications point to a real technical defect do we take further measures.

Your advantage:

Our hotline make satisfied customers and save considerable amounts of money. Minimal returns in the trade additionally signalize high product quality and final customer satisfaction.

We are at your and your customers‘ disposal 365 days a year.

Monday – Friday 8.00 a.m – 6.00 p.m. (8.00 p.m)
Saturdays if required

If your customers call outside of business hours and leave a message on our IAM (Integrated Answering Machine) we guarantee an callback within 24 hours.

E-Mail Ticketing „Taskwatcher“

Your customer selects the product on your front end and this e-mail will be forwarded directly to our agents trained to your product.

Intranet / Infosystem / Knowledge database

All members of staff always find up-to-date information (FAQ, pictures, HB, BDA, accessories etc) in our internal system.


teknihall Elektronik GmbH
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Phone: +49 6071 39 02 0
Fax: +49 6071 37 04 8


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teknihall is an independent service-providing company specialising in the servicing of technical products.

Products and Services

With our comprehensive range of services we take the load of final customer care off you – the manufacturer or supplier – and assist you in considerably cutting your after-sales costs.

Costumer retention

Costumer retention is only created by customers satisfaction. With a perfect service and the proper expression you make customers become patron.