teknihall today

teknihall today

teknihall is an internationally operating repair and service centre near Frankfurt/M. since 1992 with the following branches:

Repair service

Telecommunications, satellite technology, PC peripherals, entertainment electronics, household and office equipment, sports equipment, bicycle projects.

Call centre, help-desk service

Support and advice on technical articles and consumer goods, Sip-Trunk
(Voice over IP) line, ACD controlled call centres, 7 x 15, round-the-clock service by IAM, product-controlled e-mail system.

Spare part service

Spare parts organisation, spare parts consumption and quantity determination, spare part mail order service for customers, return of spare parts to suppliers, worldwide spare parts purchasing, computer-assisted spare parts managem


Service goods organisation, service goods expediting, returning of equipment to suppliers, disposal, equipment inventory reports, storage of service goods and cardboard boxes, customs clearance, computer-assisted equipment management.


Prompt processing of returns according to the method: out of 2 make 1 or obtaining of spare parts for repairs


of LCD-TVs and HiFi-Products, incl. supply and delivery service and logistics. We support you in clearing.

Project management

Project organisation, expediting, demand assessment (spare parts. equipment), identification of main areas of error.


teknihall Elektronik GmbH
Breitefeld 15
64839 Münster (Hessen)

Phone: +49 6071 39 02 0
Fax: +49 6071 37 04 8

E-Mail: info@teknihall.de/en
Homepage: www.teknihall.de/


teknihall is an independent service-providing company specialising in the servicing of technical products.

Products and Services

With our comprehensive range of services we take the load of final customer care off you – the manufacturer or supplier – and assist you in considerably cutting your after-sales costs.

Costumer retention

Costumer retention is only created by customers satisfaction. With a perfect service and the proper expression you make customers become patron.