teknihall Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1992, with an emphasis on customer an repairs as TPM-Service Main areas: TAM combined fax machines, telephones, sat-receiver and satellite stations.

In the years 1996 to 1999 we expanded our product range on white goods, consumer electronics, CRT and LCD-TV.

In 1998 we decided to install of a large telecommunications unit with ACD for the setting-up  professional help-desk service.

We started an international work at 2003 and agreed cooperations with other Servicecentre in Europe. Addionally we founded in 2005 our subsidiary company teknihall Benelux bvba in Belgium, Netherland, France and Luxembourg with Callcentre, Repair service and Warehouse logistik. In the same year we took a new Material flow system in operation to become an optimation our processes in incoming goods and outgoing goods.

In the year 2006 we expanded our service with resalable goods and also the premises with a new hall. We can offer our customers since 2008 the assembly of LCD-TV and HiFi products.

Today we could offer an native speaking Callcentre service for almost all european countries.