teknihall – the specialist for a perfect Europe-wide service

What your customer expects from your product and your trade-mark, and hence in the final analysis from you, is that its wishes will be fulfilled.

Therefore, we support you fast, flexible, cost-conscious and efficient.

What your service saves, does not have to be earned by your sales.

Customer Orientation

Our customers are meant to associate teknihall with the highest degree of competence and obligingness as well as optimum quality of service, advice and support. Our goal is long-term partnership-like relations characterised by honesty and mutual respect.

We pursue the aim of constantly optimising our service in order to increase the benefit for the customer. Friendliness, reliability, flexibility and punctuality in dealings with our customers is something that for us goes without saying.

Products and Services

We are open for all innovations, services, technologies and new products. Our services extend from the range of mass products as far as the niche product with the highest quality standards.

We are able to do justice to this aspiration by means of the continuous training and further training of our staff.

Communication and Quality

Open, sincere and partnership-based communication is the basis of any action at teknihall in all areas. Our customers receive all the information fully on time and complete.

One of our supreme aims is quality assurance. It is ensured by means of constant checking, competent advice for our customers and by our service-oriented and expert service.